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Boulder's Organic Prepared Meal Service

Eat To Thrive!

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We offer affordable, nutrient dense, locally grown food, served up fresh every week.

Let us support you and your family to thrive in every area of your life with our flexible meal plans.  It’s our joy to prepare balanced meals filled with super-foods, so you can live a life of balance and devote your energy to whatever lights you up!

Kids Plan Coming Soon!

Our Quick Five Step Process

1. Preview offerings on our site.

2. Pick the best menu and plan for you and yours (including a la carte offerings!)

3. Place your order by Thursday for the following week.

4. Pick up your food every Tuesday or have it delivered to your door on Monday.

5. Eat to thrive with us. Re-heat, save time, and savor every bite.

A La Carte Offerings

Our a la carte offerings are the perfect enhancement to your meal and wellness routine designed to give you the nutritional experience you need to thrive. Enjoy superfood snacks, lattes, teas, juices, soups, and sweet treats. Our offerings are crafted with locally-sourced ingredients and designed to give you the nutritional experience you need to thrive.

Zero-Waste Containers
for all orders

We love our community and honor Mother Earth. In an effort to reduce plastic pollution, we have partnered with RepEATer, a local organization, that provides zero-waste containers at no additional cost to you.

Each container is convenient and reusable. Simply return the containers to The Coffee Stand (1201 Arapahoe Ave.) in the Radiant Kitchen delivery bag.

***All containers are tracked using a barcode system. Please return containers within two weeks of use. If you are using our recurring delivery service, simply place the containers in your Radiant Kitchen cooler bag, and we’ll pick them up when we deliver your next order.

Failure to return reusable containers within two weeks of receiving them will result in a $15 charge per large container, $10 charge per 12oz container and $5 charge per 3oz container.

Please ensure that all containers are thoroughly rinsed before returning them, and please be careful not to damage or remove the QR code sticker, as this is how we track each container. We will sanitize containers at our commercial kitchen.


Who's Talking


Everyone has a seat at our table.

With a local farm fueling the food, we’re all about community and local sourcing. That means that we cater to YOU and the rest of the community too. Learn about our community bowl project. By eating Radiant Kitchen’s food, you support the community to eat well.


Meal Program Options
Plant Forward + Meat​
Meal Program Options

Choose your meal program

Note: You will have the ability to add more than one program later on.