Menu for The Week of September 12th

Delivered Monday, Pick-Ups on Tuesday

Featuring Black Cat Farm Leafy Greens, Sunrise Ranch Bison, Local Microgreens, Local Produce, Umami Project Tempeh, Organic Palisade Fruit, and Mycocosm Mushrooms 

Morning Elixirs

+Green Smoothie for each day


Grain-Free Granola with Fresh Berries 

+*Toast w/Avocado and Summer Pesto 

+*Nectarine Overnight Oats


+Gazpacho with Rustic GF Bread and Hummus

*Pesto Pasta with Summer Vegetables

+*Curry Roasted Vegetable and Lentil Kale Salad


+*Lemon Chicken With Roasted Smashed Potatoes and Vegetables

+*Bison or Black Bean-Hemp Burgers with Sweet Potatoes and Arugula

Poached Salmon or Shiitakes with Lemongrass-

Coconut Broth, Steamed Vegetables and Black Rice 


*Five day plans will receive two of the starred menu items

+Included in two day plans

Boulder's Organic Prepared Meal Service Is On Sabbatical

Please check back soon.