Radiant is a kitchen where chefs continue their culinary journey through in-depth exploration of different cuisines. We offer you a seat at our chef’s table!! Every week we offer dishes from various culinary regions all prepared with Radiant’s signature focus on vibrant healthful preparations that are vegetable forward, and free from gluten, dairy, seed oils and artificial ingredients. Order one of our meal packs to try them all or pick and choose in our ala cart section. 

 Featuring Local Produce from Yellow Barn , Black Cat, and Miller Farms,  Meats from Buckner and Golden Hoof, Sustainable Wild Caught Seafood, Microgreens grown on site , Umami Project Tempeh, Organic Palisade Fruit, and Mycocosm Mushrooms.

             September 18

Smoothies: Radiance Green Smoothie

Chia: Palisade Peach

Lunch 1) Ratatouille with Polenta and Lemony Lentils

Lunch 2) Californian Collard Wraps

Lunch 3) Rainbow Grain Bowl with Green Goddess Dressing
Dinner 1) Chorizo or Sunflower Seed Sausage Stuffed Speckled Acorn Squash with Braised Greens and Guajillo Chili Sauce
Dinner 2) Donburi Japanese Rice Bowl with Shiitakes or Chicken
Dinner 3) Chef’s Choice “Menu of the Moment” with plant or meat based protein



September 25


Smoothies: Radiance Green Smoothie

Chia: Cinnamon Pear 

Lunch 1) Black Bean-Hemp Burgers with Sweet Potato and Salad

Lunch 2) Eggplant and Pepper Soup with Green Salad

Lunch 3) Chef’s Choice “Menu of The Moment”

Dinner 1) Oaxacan Stuffed Peppers (lamb barbacoa or spiced mushrooms) served with Broth and Braised Greens

Dinner 2) Thai Rainbow Noodle  Bowl (Chicken or Cashews)

Dinner 3) Turkish Kabobs (steak or smoked mushrooms) with Rice Pilaf

October 2


Smoothies: Radiance Green Smoothie

Chia: Palisade Plum

Lunch 1) Seaweed Salad with Cashews and Miso Dressing

Lunch 2) Smoked Tempeh and Green Pea Salad with Horseradish Cream

Lunch 3) Local Green Saag with Rice and Pickled Veggies

Dinner 1) Puttanesca Sauce with Spaghetti Squash (Lion’s Mane or Ground Beef)

Dinner 2) Red Cabbage Taco Rolls (Duck or Oyster Mushroom)

Dinner 3) Chef’s Choice “Menu of The Moment” (plant or meat based protein)


October 9


Smoothies: Radiance Green Smoothies

Chia: Caramel Apple

Lunch 1) Green Salad with Squash, Pumpkin Seed and Quinoa Crumble

Lunch 2) Meze Platter with Eggplant Babaganoush, Red Pepper Muhammara, Hummus, Veggies and GF Bread

Lunch 3) Chef’s Choice “Menu of The Moment”

Dinner 1) Chicken Veracruz with Rice and Greens and Pickled Peppers

Dinner 2) Cajun Red Beans and Rice (Red Beans or Andouille Sausage)

Dinner 3) 


Latin America

From Mexican tacos and guacamole to Peruvian ceviche, Brazilian feijoada, and Argentinean asado, each country within the region has its own signature dishes that celebrate its unique culinary heritage. We’re excited to offer you a variety of dishes from Latin America!



Each region within Asia has its own culinary traditions and specialties. Korean barbecue, Vietnamese pho, Indonesian rendang, and Filipino adobo are just a few examples of the diverse range of dishes that showcase the distinct characteristics of Asian cooking. Whether it’s the balance of umami and sweetness in Japanese cuisine or the vibrant interplay of spices in Indian curries, Asian cuisine reflects a deep respect for tradition while embracing innovation. Expect a variety of curries, flavorful proteins and and plenty of gluten free noodle and rice dishes.


Salad and Grain Bowls

Grain bowls offer a culinary journey that seamlessly blends wholesome nourishment with delicious taste. These bowls are a canvas of creativity, featuring a foundation of cooked grains like quinoa, brown rice, or farro that serve as the heart of the dish.

The artistry of a grain bowl lies in its diversity. It’s a canvas where vibrant vegetables, lean proteins, and an array of toppings come together to create a symphony of textures and flavors. Roasted vegetables burst with color and taste, while nutrient-rich legumes and proteins provide both sustenance and satisfaction.

With a dash of creativity, toppings like sliced avocado, toasted nuts, seeds, and fresh herbs add an extra layer of delight. Dressings and sauces, from zesty citrus blends to creamy tahini drizzles, infuse each bite with a burst of taste that harmonizes all the components.

Grain bowls are the embodiment of customization, adapting effortlessly to individual preferences, dietary needs, and seasonal ingredients. They invite you to savor the goodness of nourishing elements in every mouthful – a comforting and nutritious experience that transcends each bowl. There’s so many ways to play here and we’re sure you’re going to love what we mix up.



Mediterranean cuisine is a culinary treasure trove rooted in the cultures that line the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a celebration of fresh ingredients, heart-healthy olive oil, abundant herbs, and a balance of flavors that encapsulate the sun-kissed regions. Expect a variety of dishes such as Greek gyros and Italian pasta to Moroccan tagines and Spanish tapas.

American Regional

American regional cuisine is a tapestry of tastes that reflect the nation’s vast landscapes and multicultural influences. From Southern soul food, to hearty New England chowders, spicy Tex-Mex dishes of the Southwest, the West Coast’s innovative and health-conscious creations and the diverse flavors of Creole and Cajun cooking in Louisiana, each region offers a unique culinary identity.

Chef’s Special

Inspired by the freshest ingredients sourced from our local community, the Chef’s Special embodies the essence of the season. Each plate is a canvas where artistry and taste come together, delivering an experience that transcends ordinary dining. From unexpected flavor combinations to innovative cooking techniques, the Chef’s Special is a journey into the chef’s imagination. It’s a reminder that food is not just sustenance, but an exquisite celebration of craftsmanship and nature’s finest offerings. 


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