Hi! I'm Nicole.

I love to cook. I love to serve. I’ve been cooking, farming, and sourcing delicious food for fifteen years. Radiant Kitchen is a peak experience for me, the culmination of my learning and experiences. It’s such a joy to introduce Radiant Kitchen; so we can eat to thrive, with food that nourishes YOU and our community from the inside out. I like to say that when I cook, everyone eats.


At Radiant Kitchen, it’s our mission to support the thriving of soil, water and all living things. We do this by providing our community with sustainably grown, nutrient dense food. We believe that when we focus on our unique gifts, everyone thrives. Let us do the cooking, while you pursue your passions.

Our Partners

We work directly with local farms that supply our ingredients. This means your food is vital and deeply nourishing, but it also means you’re supporting the community with every order.

Radiant Kitchen isn’t just a catering company, our mission runs deep: that the ripples we make rejuvenate the ecosystems we are a part of. The Radiant Kitchen experience begins well before you place your order and continues after your last bite. 

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We partner with local food suppliers and use fresh, sustainable ingredients.

Organic Vegtables

Sustainable Meat

Free Range Eggs

Sustainable Seafood

Organic Fruits


Everyone has a seat at our table.

With a local farm fueling the food, we’re all about community and local sourcing. That means that we cater to YOU and the rest of the community too. Learn about our community bowl project. By eating Radiant Kitchen’s food, you support the community to to eat radiantly as well.

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